10 reasons why Indians love chai so much

01 Our much-loved tea

Indians and tea have a unique connection. It is not just a drink for us, but a ritual, a celebration and even a diversion from the regular mundane affairs and it is that inalienable part of our lives that most of us cannot do without. Tea or chai is loved through length and breadth of India and is among the most popular drinks today. According to Karan Shah, Director, Society Tea, "Being innately Indian is synonymous with starting the day with a steaming cup of chai, it is our love for tea that binds us unequivocally as a nation, no matter what our differences may be. It is one ritual that truly symbolises unity in diversity, and one common language that transcends regional distinctiveness. Tea is a constant in our lives and I feel that is why tea is celebrated so much in India."

There are several reasons why Indians love tea so much. Here are some of them.

02 It is calming

Chai is our go to drink in times of stress. It not just makes us think clearly but also acts as a pain killer! How often have we heard people say that they need chai because their head is aching. In fact there is scientific evidence to back the fact that it can act as an anti-depressant and helps reduce tension.

Having a stressful day at work? Let’s get a cup of chai!

03 We bond over tea

If there’s one thing that Indians are a huge fan of, then it’s undoubtedly tea. Saying ‘chai’ before saying ‘hi’ is our morning ritual. Even the ever so famous ‘ chai pe bulaya hai’ metaphor shows how tea has always taken the center stage in India. Who doesn't love to chit chat with friends or family around a cup of tea? After all, it’s the one thing that hears all of our gossips and is the ultimate companion.

Meeting a guy for marriage? Let’s get a cup of chai!

04 It is filling

Have a buttered toast with ginger tea and you are done for breakfast. Tea keeps you satiated for long. It contains antioxidants and biotin which boost and strengthen the immune system. What's more? It keeps you hydrated, as a cup of it contains more than 90% of water. We Indians have a habit of dipping everything we can think of, in tea! Biscuits, bread, chapati, paratha are a few examples.

Feeling hungry? Let’s get a cup of chai!

05 Our guests love it

Who doesn’t offer tea when guests come over? It’s the one thing that is always on the serving list and is the foremost step towards hospitality. Guests too love it and it’s hard to say no to our much loved chai.

Bhaisaab chai lenge? Let's get a cup of chai!

06 It is sheer variety and hence never bores us

What makes tea truly appealing is how versatile it can be. There are different types of teas and endless variations and flavours. So, there is always a perfect tea awaiting you. From green tea to black tea, the list goes on. If you are bored with the regular milk tea try having jasmine tea or dark tea.

Thought of tea tempts you? Let’s get a cup of chai!

07 Suits our seasons

Whether it is summer, monsoon or winter, tea is a non-stop tradition for us. It is a perfect drink for India's hot weather because the piping hot tea triggers the body’s cooling reflexes and actually helps to bring your body temperature down. Similarly, it is beneficial for the rest of the seasons too. It warms us in winter and no rainy season is complete without this magical brew. Can you think of barish without chai and pakora? What are you waiting for? Let’s get a cup of chai!

08 It is our booze!

Foreigners may require alcohol to celebrate and get in a happy mood but for us, it is chai which can do the magic. Tea is not just a beverage but it is more like an emotion for us. It relieves us from pain, it has a distinct vibe in it that even alcohol can’t fulfill.

Is it Saturday night? Let’s get a cup of chai!

09 Makes us think better

There are times when you feel exhausted and your brain seems to stop working. In that case, tea comes to your rescue, L-theanine, one of the natural substances in tea, sharpens your concentration and focus, boosts memory without giving you those caffeine lows which you get from a cup of coffee.

Want to be more productive? Let’s get a cup of chai!

10 Drives away sleep

To drive away that sleep which is coming in way of your work, tea is the perfect solution. It has powerful antioxidants that are responsible for boosting energy and provide positive and optimistic energy throughout the day.

Looking for a real hit? Let’s get a cup of chai!

11 It is so affordable!

You can’t deny the fact that tea is available in abundance and that too at a cheap price. You can get a cup of “cutting chai” at every nook and corner of India’s streets. Even a packet of premium tea will cost much less than that of a premium coffee.

Looking for an affordable beverage? Let’s get a cup of chai!



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