JioFiber Welcome Offer Announced With Free 4K HD Television Set and Annual Broadband Plans

Reliance Jio has been running a JioGigaFiber Preview Offer since the last one year or so, and now, it'll be replaced with JioFiber Welcome Offer.


1. Reliance JioFiber Welcome Offer to provide free 4K Set-Top Box and 4K/HD Television Set.

2. JioFiber Welcome Offer plans will be revealed on September 5.

Reliance Jio has made numerous announcements at its parent company’s 42nd Annual General Meeting today. Alongside renaming the Jio GigaFiber broadband service to JioFiber, the company also stated that the JioFiber plans would start from Rs 700 and they will go all the way up to Rs 10,000, covering every customer’ speed requirement. At the end of the JioFiber announcement, Mukesh Ambani said the company is coming up with a new ‘JioFiber Welcome Offer‘ which will succeed the JioGigaFiber Preview Offer that’s currently running. Under the JioFiber Welcome Offer, customers will be eligible for a free HD/4K Television Set alongside 4K Set-Top Boxes. However, Jio says that the offer is applicable only with the Jio Forever Annual broadband plans which the company will be introducing on September 5.

JioFiber Welcome Offer Details and Benefits

Reliance Jio has been running a JioGigaFiber Preview Offer since the last one year or so. Now, once the JioFiber service commercially launches on September 5, the company will introduce a new JioFiber Welcome Offer which will replace the JioFiber Preview Offer. At the moment, it’s confirmed that the JioFiber Welcome Offer will be applicable on annual Jio Forever broadband plans, but the company did not reveal whether the Welcome offer will be available on monthly plans or not. According to our sources, the JioFiber Welcome Offer will also provide customers with three months of free broadband service, and from the fourth month, Jio will start charging them based on the plan they choose.

Customers choosing Jio Forever Annual plans will be eligible for a 4K/HD Television set and a 4K Set-Top Box from the company. We believe that the Television range will depend on the Jio Forever plan you choose. Mukesh Ambani confirmed that Jio’s broadband plans would offer base speeds of 100 Mbps and they’ll go all the way up to 1 Gbps. So chances are the 1 Gbps Jio Forever Annual pans will offer a 4K Set-Top Box and 4K Television, while the low-end plans will provide an HD Television and maybe a standard Set-Top Box. Jio will reveal details on September 5 when the service commercially launches to the customers.

JioFiber Plans to Start from Rs 700 for 100 Mbps Speeds

Mukesh Ambani also announced that the JioFiber broadband plans would start from Rs 700 and the base speeds to be offered by the company will be 100 Mbps. JioFiber is the latest entry to the 1 Gbps service providers list which already has the likes of ACT Fibernet, Spectra and Netplus. The 1 Gbps broadband plan from Jio will be the costliest one and it will be interesting to see what other speeds the company will provide. Right now, Internet Service Providers like ACT Fibernet, Airtel V-Fiber, Spectra, Hathway and so on provides wide-range of speeds like 40 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 150 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps. Jio has officially confirmed ti will provide 1 Gbps and 100 Mbps speeds, but it did not reveal any other information related to the speeds. The official JioFiber plans will be announced on September 5 which is the third anniversary of Reliance Jio. Are you excited for JioFiber broadband plans? Let us know by commenting below.



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