Five reasons why fish make great pets

Fish are becoming increasingly popular as pets. In Britain, they are now the third-most popular pets after dogs and cats. And there is a logic behind their increasing popularity. Since more and more people are now shifting to smaller houses and rentals, the space to house a bigger pet has reduced considerably. Here are five reasons why you should get a pet fish.

Reason 1 They are silent

All your love for cats and dogs notwithstanding - everyone can agree on the fact that these big pets can be quite noisy. And sometimes, in quite inappropriate situations, like when you are trying to sleep.

On the other hand, fish don't make any sound, whatsoever. So, you won't have to worry about troubling your neighbors or your guests with any noises.

Reason 2 They occupy little space

Not only are fish quiet, they also occupy little space.

This is the primary reason why increasing number of people are shifting to adopting fish as pets.

Courtesy high costs of living, our homes are getting smaller in size, thus parenting a cat/dog is becoming way more difficult.

As for a fish, all you need is a tank/bowl, some food and accessories.

Reason 3 They are cheaper to keep than other pets

Compared to their four-legged counterparts (which require a plethora of grooming and food supplies), fish are way cheaper to keep. Unlike cats and dogs, they'll probably save you a big chunk on your food and vet bills.

Reason 4 They don't require a lot of maintenance

Your fish will spend most of its time sleeping, eating and swimming through its tank, without troubling you much.

In that sense, they happen to be quite low-maintenance, compared to the usual suspects (dogs and cats).

For instance, you don't need to buy them cool gizmos or take them out for walks to keep them entertained.

They can easily stay home alone.

Reason 5 They are relaxing

Yes, you love your dogs and cats, but they could prove to be pretty stressful at times. Fish, on the other hand, swimming gracefully in their aquarium, can help relax you and even boost your mood. Believe us, we have science's support.



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