Pregnant with second child - Lisa Haydon shares gym selfie

Bollywood actor Lisa Haydon is expecting her second child and if her first pregnancy told us anything, it is that the 33-year-old tries to keep her Instagram followers up-to-date on her maternity diaries. Recently, the actor, who is nearing her third trimester, posted a sweaty picture of herself after what seems to have been an intense workout. Here are more details.

Details My sister dragged me to the gym, says Haydon

In a late-Monday Instagram post, Haydon shared a post-workout selfie saying, "My sister dragged me to the gym today as I've had a really lazy pregnancy."

"Of course I understand being fit can lead to healthier labor etc... but I think it's really important to remember at this stage... no matter how well I train, I'm only going to get bigger," she quipped.

Haydon's followers admired her dedication to fitness

In her Instagram Stories, Haydon shared Boomerangs from her workout. Her dedication to fitness during her pregnancy left her many followers amazed and wishing the best for her. "Such a role model. I really look up to you so much," one of her followers wrote.

Pregnancy updates Last month, Haydon shared that her first trimester was rough

In fact, last month, Haydon shared concerning news about her pregnancy saying that her first trimester had been rough.

She said that she had stopped surfing, a preferred form of exercise for her, after great deliberation.

She also advised pregnant surfers to use foam surfboards (unless it's a maternity photoshoot) and suggested paddleboarding on knees as opposed to going crazy while surfing.

History Haydon's first child was born in May 2017

Haydon had announced her pregnancy in a mid-August Instagram post when she had already started showing.

She posed with her husband, UK-based entrepreneur Dino Lavlani, and their first-born, Zack, in the picture, with was captioned, "Party of four on the way."

Haydon and Lavlani were married in October, 2016 and on May 17, 2017, their son Zack was born.

Career Haydon made Bollywood debut in 2010 with 'Aisha'

A model-turned-actor, Haydon made her debut in Bollywood with the 2010 film Aisha, where she starred alongside Sonam Kapoor.

Ever since, the actor has appeared in several mainstream movies, gaining recognition for her work in The Shaukeens, Queen, Housefull 3 and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

Last year, she was also seen as a judge on the reality television show Top Model India.



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From being crowned Miss World two decades back, to making a name in the West, Priyanka's life and career are undeniably inspiring.
That, coupled with her amazing loo
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These items could be troublesome for both your d
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01 The wonder spice
Arthritis pain can be excruciating and may lead you to take painkillers which turn out as an instant cure for your sufferings. But in the long run, these quick relief pills become ineffective as well as harmful for the
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While some people may prefer grabbing a beer pint and relaxing, others (like us) want to hit the ball out of the park.
If travel for you means never-ending exotic experiences and adrenaline-pumpin
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Heart health issues, such as cholesterol, irregular blood pressure, and inflammation are downright dreadful, and could lead to fatal conditions like strokes and heart attacks.
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Many modern-day diet plans, including the popular Keto diet, promote a considerably lower consumption of carbohydrates, in order to facilitate weight loss.
And although these diet charts usually include a whole lot of meats, they still have plenty to offe
Want golden-glowing skin - Try these five natural homemade face masks
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Given the high levels of pollution, the modern lifestyle and dietary habits, our skin health is bound to take a toll.
And your busy schedule may refrain you from taking good care of your skin.
However, good news is that with simple, homemade face
This Greek island will pay you to live there
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What is the best time to visit Greece?
Although it may come off as a surprise, but the answer might be 'now' because the authorities of a certain island in Greece are offering to pay people €500 (Rs. 38,600 approximately) just to relocate the
Health tips to follow during the seasonal weather change period
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Although the rainy season is sure to offer some much-needed respite from the scorching summer heat, the ongoing season transition period may bring undue health risks.
To stay on the safe side, you need to make healthy diet and lifestyle choices.
8 cool and cheap home decor ideas you should try
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Home decor is cool and interesting.
But if you are not a millionaire, spending a fortune on making your home look dapper might not be a great idea.
However, don't be upset - you can make your home look nice and classy, without looting a bank.<
Top five hidden gems of San Francisco you should visit
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Given its beautiful green spaces and farmed hills, San Francisco is undoubtedly one of America's most unique and sought-after travel destinations.
We have all seen and heard plenty of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, or Pier 39, or the Alcatraz - but we
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