Heading to Zurich - Try these five lesser-known hidden gems

On the face of it - Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland may look like any other sophisticated European city with its own set of sights, museums and restaurants. But if you decide to dig deeper, you might be sweetly surprised to find out how much more the city really has to offer. Here are top five lesser-known hidden gems of Zurich.

#1 Cabaret Voltaire

To get a taste of classy Swiss cocktails and its popular art scene (both at the same time), head to Zurich's Cabaret Voltaire.

This art center-cum-cafe came into being over a hundred years ago to celebrate the inspiring Dada art movement.

So, take a break at this place while strolling through the city and witness some amazingly creative and artistic performances.

#2 Zurich West

Most tourists going to Zurich end up filling their time in the city's old town, but since you've decided to tread the road less traveled by, we advise you to take a look at the western part of the city.

Zurich West, that once housed the city's industry quarters, today has some of the hippest and trendiest shops, restaurants, and museums in the area.

#3 Moulagenmuseum

Before the arrival of color photography and advanced plastics technology, moulages were the most important tool for sharing scientific and medical knowledge.

Started back in 1916, this museum contains wax representations (moulages) of many diseases, including cancer and syphilis.

What's more? This unusual museum happens to be the second-largest collection of moulages in the world after Le Musée des Moulages in Saint Louis, France.

#4,5 MFO Park and Schwamendingen X

MFO Park: Once a machine factory, this quirky park in Zurich features free-growing vines along walls and trellis of metal bars. Don't miss out a trip.

Schwamendingen X: Schwamendingen X is an X-shaped rail piece, where tramcars change their course from right-hand travel on the overground lines to left-hand travel in the tunnel.

So, on your next trip to Zurich, do include these secret-spots.



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But there is more to pets than these usual suspects.
So, if you don't mind going out of line, know that there are plenty of anima
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Infamously called the "silent killer," hypertension or high blood pressure may go unnoticed for years, but could be the root cause of major health issues and diseases such as heart ailments, kidney disease, stroke, and blood vessel damage.
It is
Here how you can decorate your home during festive season
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The festive season is upon us. The 9-day Navratri festivities have just come to an end, and it now marks the beginning of an array of other important festivals to come. This would be started by Dussehra and shall continue till the New Year. To help you maintain t
Here How Much Protein You Really Need
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Your muscles are made of protein, so if you’re building muscle you need to eat up. But how much protein do you really need? More than a couch potato, but less than the protein-crazy gym bros would have you believe. Here’s how to quickly calculate the
5 ways to stay fit in your 40s
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Maintaining good health during middle-age could be tough.
Medically speaking, aging brings hormonal imbalance. In women, estrogen levels tend to fall, and men go through decrease in testosterone.
Furthermore, aging also leads to mood swings, muscl
Health tips to follow during the seasonal weather change period
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Although the rainy season is sure to offer some much-needed respite from the scorching summer heat, the ongoing season transition period may bring undue health risks.
To stay on the safe side, you need to make healthy diet and lifestyle choices.
Here how you can get rid of beard dandruff
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No matter where it appears, dandruff is troublesome. Not only does it affect your scalp, it can also ruin your facial hair.
Yes, beard dandruff is for real, and it can irritate and dry out the skin underneath.
However, it can be dealt with.
Suffering from stress and anxiety - Try these five Yoga asanas
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With increasingly packed work schedules, unhealthy lifestyles, and bad diet choices, your mental health is bound to take a toll.
However, don't worry - follow the ancient Ayurvedic practice of Yoga, which relaxes your mind, improves blood flow, and en
Five Healthy Habit - The Right Way to start your day
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Today, lifestyle-induced diseases are highly prevalent, with so many people suffering from diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.
And our ignorance towards our diet and lifestyle patterns is to be blamed for this.
Notably, achieving and mainta
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We totally understand that you never want to leave sight of your pet, but there can be times when you can't help it.
In case you have travel plans, or have to rush for an emergency- what would you do about your non-human mate then?
Yes, you ha
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Art is the essence of a city, its people, history, and culture.
And it is present in more ways than one could imagine.
In case you are a lover of architecture, sculptures, or any other forms of art for that matter, you are already in our good book
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A healthy weight not only makes you look good, it is also important for your overall physical and mental health, as obesity could be an undue invitation to health conditions like diabetes, stroke, heart disease, among other problems.
But don't worry -
Five unknown and interesting facts about New York City
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Needless to say, the New York City is one of the world's favorite tourist spots.
But if Hollywood and pop culture references have limited your definition of the thriving American city to just the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building- you are
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Infamously called the "silent killer," high blood pressure (or hypertension) affects more than a billion people around the globe, and the numbers are rising.
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With our increasingly packed work schedules, fast approaching deadlines, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and bad diet routines, our mental health is bound to take a toll.
And when we're stressed or anxious, we often tend to stick to unhealthy lifestyle pa
How coconut oil can help prevent hair loss
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Hair loss can be difficult to cope with.
It is caused by heredity, aging, hormonal imbalance, certain medical conditions and some medications, among other reasons.
However, with healthy diet, lifestyle and simple home remedies, it can be managed.<
Weight loss - 8 healthy diet tips to cut belly fat
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The most stubborn of all fats is the fat that accumulates on your tummy.
And not only does it look bad on you, it is also a virtual invitation to a number of dreadful health issues like diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, among others.
Though l
Five mistakes to avoid if you want a glowing skin
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Cliche as it may sound, everyone desires beautiful and healthy skin.
But so much pollution and extended exposure to sun can badly impact your skin cells, and ruin your skin's health.
Hence, following a healthy lifestyle is crucial for a shiny
Planning your honeymoon - Here are most romantic destinations in Europe
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Just like weddings, honeymoons are also a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and for that very reason, they must be unforgettably special.
While choosing the destination might be one of the most important factors, narrowing things down to one is not an easy t
Karela Juice For Weight Loss - What Makes It A Perfect Drink To Burn Fat
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So, it may not be one of the most loved vegetables across the world, but it is a universally acknowledged fact that karela, or bitter gourd, is one of the most nutritious veggies one can add to their diet. The bitter-pungent taste of this wonder veggie may have g
Considering a pet bird - Here are things to know beforehand
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Birds are cute, entertaining, and they make great companions. And even though we have full faith in your will to pet a bird, we'd like to tell you that feathered pets aren't for everyone. Yes, harsh truth is that they can be quite messy and nois
This Greek island will pay you to live there
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What is the best time to visit Greece?
Although it may come off as a surprise, but the answer might be 'now' because the authorities of a certain island in Greece are offering to pay people €500 (Rs. 38,600 approximately) just to relocate the
Travel photography on your mind - Visit these five places
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Whether you are a professional travel photographer, or just want to "decorate" your Instagram account with some awe-inspiring and beautiful clicks, know that you have hit the right track.
Travel and photography never go out of fashion.
Five Ayurvedic food items to help manage diabetes naturally
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Diabetes is growing rapidly in India, with a whopping 72 million cases recorded in 2017 itself.
Characterized by frequent urination, fatigue, and nausea, diabetes can lead to dreadful health issues like cardiovascular disease, kidney damage, skin conditio
Weight loss - Six healthy juices you should include in diet
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Weight loss is a long-term process that requires planning, commitment, and making the right choices.
Talking of choices, certain food items are known to naturally trigger fat burn, while others might pile up unwanted calories.
Sipping juices regul
5 Exercises to help cut down Belly Fat
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The most stubborn of all fats is the fat that piles up on your tummy.
Not only does it look bad on you, it is also a virtual invitation to a number of dreadful health issues like diabetes, stroke, high blood-pressure etc.
Although losing b
Suffering from poor digestion - Try these five herbs
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A well functioning digestive system is crucial for overall good health.
But modern lifestyle and unhealthy dietary choices take a major toll on our digestive well-being.
And poor digestion is a virtual invitation to many health issues such as bloa
Buying a pet insurance - Here what you need to do
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How unfair would it be to leave out a member of your family while buying a group insurance?
Yes, that's what you'd be guilty of doing if you do not buy a pet insurance.
It is important for covering huge medical expenses in case an illness
This app detects skin cancer with Full accuracy - Details here
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Skin cancer, triggered by the abnormal growth of skin cells, is one of the most common forms of cancer worldwide. It makes up 40% of all cancer cases, but despite this, people fail to flag skin cancer symptoms on time. Now, to tackle this issue, an Amst
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