Planning a home office - Consider these five design tips

Whether you're about to start implementing a new business plan, or begin writing that long-pending book, or just want to bring some work back home - designing a home office could be a great idea. And while you're at it, make sure your mini-office is practical as well as inspiring. Here are our top tips to help you design the best home office ever.

#1 Think about the location

You could place your home office anywhere. So, make sure it suits your needs and the nature of your work.

For instance, if you also have to look after your kids alongside work, you might build a workspace in or near your kids' room.

If you are more of a professional, getting a separate cabin without any distractions would be the real deal.

#2 Allow the right amount of space

When it comes to choosing the right amount of space for your home office - remember that balance is the key.

Don't shrink it so much that you have issues each time you stand up or sit down.

On the other hand, if you make available a lot of space, you might end up wasting some much-needed area at your home.

#3 Let there be light

As is the case with traditional office spaces, lighting is one of the most crucial aspects to consider while designing a home office.

Natural light is the most desirable, so aim for an office space that's near to a window.

If your home lacks natural lighting, don't worry - getting an overhead ceiling light or a good enough table lamp shall do the trick.

#4 Keep storage in mind

You don't want to run around the length and breadth of your house, when looking out for stationery.

So, make sure to plan enough storage space at your home office for all the work-related stuff.

Accordingly, get enough number of cupboards, cabinets and drawers, so you can accommodate all your things.

Also, remember to keep the most important items within arm's length.

Tip #5 Plan a place to meet

If you are going to host clients or customers at your home office, you will need a place where you can sit down and have a chat. So, make sure to design a nice and spacious meeting room/cabin.



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Heart disease is the cause of nearly one-third of all deaths, around the globe.
Issues, such as high cholesterol, irregular blood pressure, and inflammation are downright dreadful, and can lead to fatal conditions like strokes and heart attacks.
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Travel means different things to different people.
While some people may prefer grabbing a beer pint and relaxing, others (like us) want to hit the ball out of the park.
If travel for you means never-ending exotic experiences and adrenaline-pumpin
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01 Our much-loved tea
Indians and tea have a unique connection. It is not just a drink for us, but a ritual, a celebration and even a diversion from the regular mundane affairs and it is that inalienable part of our lives that most of us
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If you adore animals and are passionate about them, but are not financially able to adopt a pet or take care of it, know that we've got you covered.
There are many professions out there that will not only help you stay close to your non-human friends
Six effective home remedies to manage cholesterol naturally
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High cholesterol is downright dangerous - it is one of the major causes of heart disease.
And, your cholesterol levels basically depend on what you fill your plates with.
A healthy diet and lifestyle is all you need to keep your cholesterol levels
Five common styling mistakes women should avoid
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Fashion is a serious business.
There is something undeniably sassy about a lady carrying the right set of clothing and accessories.
However, there are many factors that go into pulling off that classy look.
From wearing baggy dresses to ba
Saudi Arabia to fine tourists for kissing - immodest clothes and etc
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Even as Saudi Arabia allowed citizens from 49 countries to apply for travel visas to the Muslim Kingdom, it announced a "public decency" code which imposes fines on travelers for various offenses. On Saturday, Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry announ
Hard water causing hair loss - Here are natural home remedies
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So you've tried out all the best hair care products, but you still are a victim of hair fall - perhaps it's time to blame the quality of your water supply. Hard water can weaken and dry out your hair. It may also lead to dandruff and hair loss.
Lose weight after pregnancy follow these 10 diet and exercise tips
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Are you having trouble losing post-pregnancy weight? Experts say the key lies in eating a balanced diet and including workouts like Kegel and aerobics. Previous studies have shown that breastfeeding the newborn also helps you lose weight faster. Another study sho
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House parties are the best.
We know that you want the best decoration, the most lip-smacking food, and an unforgettable ambience for that much-awaited day (or night).
But we also understand that it could be hard on your pocket, at times.
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While meat eaters get most of their nutrients (including the all important protein) easily, vegetarians often struggle to avoid deficiencies. However, it doesn't have to be this way. Believe it or not, easy-peasy sandwiches can save you. Yes, t
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So, it may not be one of the most loved vegetables across the world, but it is a universally acknowledged fact that karela, or bitter gourd, is one of the most nutritious veggies one can add to their diet. The bitter-pungent taste of this wonder veggie may have g
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Stuck in a desk job? You are not alone.
However, it means that you probably don't get enough time to take care of your health.
Sitting for a long number of hours can cause digestive problems, pain in neck, shoulder and back, obesity-induced pr
Here How Belly Fat Can Increase Your Chances Of Heart Attack Tips To Reduce Belly Fat
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Beer belly, also commonly called belly fat can increase your risks of heart disease, reveals a study. The study says that belly fat is bad for your cardiovascular health, even if you are not overweight. Having belly fat will make you more prone to risk of heart d
National Nutrition Month - Top five protein-rich food items for vegetarians
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These days, many people stick to fasting or fad diet plans to 'stay healthy' or to lose weight.
But the truth is- you need a filling and balanced diet to stay healthy.
So, this Nutrition Month, which is observed every September and is aime
Want to quit caffeine - Try this fruit-infused tea
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Tea is one of the most popular beverages on the planet and has various health benefits. But it contains caffeine. So, in case you've been trying to cut down on your caffeine intake, you can't just go cold turkey. A healthy alternative is to try natural, f
Trying to lose weight - Know these five diet facts
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There's a lot of talk around weight loss. Today, apparently everyone has got an opinion about what is the right way to shed kilos and what's not. However, not all diet advice is good advice. In fact, most of these 'facts' must be taken with a pinc
Six foods to help you stay healthy during season change
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Winter is coming. Among other concerns, one can't help but worry about the possibility of catching a cold or falling prey to the flu. However, good news is that a strong immune system can reduce your chances of falling sick. So get good rest, exerci
5 Food items That Help cure Dandruff
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Dandruff affects roughly half the world population. Characterized by an itchy scalp and flakiness, it can be caused by a number of reasons such as dry skin, allergy to certain hair products, and fungi growth. Though there are many ready-made dandruff treatment pr
Juicing vs blending - Which is better for weight loss
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Juicing is more convenient as compared to blending, making it a more favourable option. Also, juicing is trending these days, and that is why you can see juice bars all around claiming to give you better health, radiant skin, weight loss and what not. But when it
Top five hidden gems of Dubai you should explore
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Featuring gigantic buildings, spectacular deserts, and adrenaline-boosting adventure sports- Dubai is a paradise for all sorts of travelers.
But know that there's much more to the city.
So, once you are done with the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai
Five Healthy Habit - The Right Way to start your day
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Today, lifestyle-induced diseases are highly prevalent, with so many people suffering from diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.
And our ignorance towards our diet and lifestyle patterns is to be blamed for this.
Notably, achieving and mainta
Five of the most beautiful animals in the world
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The world is a huge and mysterious place, that has no dearth of varied creatures. They come in all shapes and sizes, and boast of different characteristic features and qualities.
And while we sincerely believe that all the creatures of the wild are beauti
Juice Fasting for Weight Loss All you need to know - Benefits consequences and Risks
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Juice fasting is becoming very popular for weight loss these days. Here is how you can practice the diet, its effects on your body, benefits, and risks. Juice fasting has become extremely popular these days and is both a weight-loss and body cleanse diet. Juice f
When Will You Actually Give Birth
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In birth month clubs, a modern phenomenon in which pregnant strangers convene in online groups based on the month of their due dates, something always happens. After nearly a year of commiserating through posts about baby name quandaries and clueless partners and
Want strong and shiny hair - Try these 8 food items
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Everyone desires strong, shiny and dandruff-free hair. However, unfortunately, healthy hair growth is not a cakewalk. One has to take good care of their hair to achieve and maintain decent hair health in the long run. Diet is one of the most important factors for
Ajwain water - Health benefits and how to prepare it
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Ajwain is an Ayurvedic superfood. Native to the subcontinent, and popularly used in Indian households, Ajwain or Bishop's weed or carom seeds are not only great for their flavorful addition to your pooris and kachoris, they also work as a handy medicinal reme
5 Weight-Loss Exercises That Are Backed by Science
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Not all moves are created equal when it comes to fighting fat. Here’s what the latest research says about the fastest way to shed pounds.
If you come from a family sporting dad bods, you’re more likely to carry extra pounds yourself. Some of t
National Nutrition Month - Six super-foods to include in your diet
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These days, many people stick to fasting or fad diet plans in order to 'stay healthy' or to lose weight.
But the truth is- you need a filling and balanced diet to stay healthy.
So, this National Nutrition Month, which is observed every Sep
Planning your Christmas holidays - These are top five destinations
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It's never too early to plan your vacation. And with so many amazing places to cover and so much pending ones on your bucket-list, you might as well start stimulating your brains already. With the Christmas (and of course, the new year) just a couple of month
Five unknown and interesting facts about New York City
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Needless to say, the New York City is one of the world's favorite tourist spots.
But if Hollywood and pop culture references have limited your definition of the thriving American city to just the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building- you are
Five reasons why fish make great pets
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Fish are becoming increasingly popular as pets. In Britain, they are now the third-most popular pets after dogs and cats. And there is a logic behind their increasing popularity. Since more and more people are now shifting to smaller houses and rentals, the space
This app detects skin cancer with Full accuracy - Details here
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Skin cancer, triggered by the abnormal growth of skin cells, is one of the most common forms of cancer worldwide. It makes up 40% of all cancer cases, but despite this, people fail to flag skin cancer symptoms on time. Now, to tackle this issue, an Amst
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