How to lose up to 3 kilos in one week

Whether you have a big occasion coming up or want to get in a better shape, sometimes you just want to get rid of the extra fat quickly. And although it's not simple, it is possible. You just need to make the right choices. Here are five simple tips to help you lose up to 3 kilos in one week.

Tip 1 Switch to a liquid breakfast

One handy way to cut down on your calorie consumption for the day is to switch from a heavy breakfast to a liquid-only meal in the morning.

Replace your first meal with a protein-based shake or Greek yogurt topped with fruits. These high-protein drinks will keep you full until lunchtime, thereby reducing unhealthy snacking.

This will drastically help reduce your total calorie intake.

Tip 2 Replace one meal

While fad diet gurus will keep on convincing you to skip meals, we don't suggest you to go that harsh on your body.

Instead, simply replace one meal of your day with a vegetable or salad-based option, that will keep you full, without pounding up too many calories.

Go for healthy vegetable soups or a salad loaded with leafy greens, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes etc.

Information Tip 3: Go easy on your dinner

Typically, our dinner consists of 600-800 kcal, while we don't need anything more than 300-500 kcal to end the day on a healthy note. So, go for a healthy yet lighter meal in the night to keep unwanted calories at bay.

Tips 4,5 Extend your break between meals; Walk more

Timing: Ideally, we should remain 10-12 hours without food overnight. You can further extend the break between meals by taking your (liquid) breakfast at around 8 AM, and finishing off with a light dinner at around 7 PM.

Walking: Aim to walk 10,000-12,000 steps every day of the week to facilitate your weight loss plans.

Tips Other handy tips and tricks to lose weight quickly

Follow these simple tips:

1) Eat a balanced and nutritious diet, which is particularly rich in protein and fiber.

2) Eat your meals slowly, and at regular intervals (preferably every three hours).

3) Cut down your intake of sugary foods and alcohol.

4) Try to reduce your stress levels.

5) Aim for 7-9 hours of sound sleep every night.

6) Always stay hydrated.



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